EUNIS 2008
"VISION IT - Visions for use of IT in higher education"
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Conference Committees

EUNIS 2008 Committees

Chair of conference commitees

Orla Hoppe (University of Aarhus)

Organising Committee for EUNIS 2008

Orla Hoppe (University of Aarhus) Co-chair of Organising Committee
Mikkel Godsk (University of Aarhus) Co-chair of Organising Committee
Dorte Sidelmann Jørgensen (University of Aarhus)
Maria Hvid Stenalt (University of Aarhus)

The Organising Committee can be e-mailed on the address:
Please feel free to contact the organising committee in case of questions or comments regarding EUNIS 2008.

Scientific Committee

Members from EUNIS Board and Council:

Uwe Blotevogel (Germany)
Bas Cordewener (Netherlands)
Jean-Francois Desnos (France)
Yves Epelboin (France)
Javier Franco (Spain)
Tapani Kalmi (Finland)
Markku Kuula (Finland)
Jan Madey (Poland)
Viljan Mahnic (Slovenia)
Martin Price (UK)
Arsenio Reis (Portugal)
Ligia Ribeiro (Portugal)
Andrew Rothery (UK)
Peter Tinson (UK)
Hans-Dieter Weckmann (Germany)
Gordon Young (Ireland)
Wojciech Zielinski (Poland)
Lars Kayser (Denmark)

Members from the University of Aarhus:

Tom Latrup-Pedersen (IT-Strategic Advisor) - Head of Scientific Committee
Tove Bang (Aarhus School of Business)
Orla Hoppe (IT-Services)
Jørgen Bang (Information & Media Studies)
Jens Hørlück (School of Economics and Management)
Lars Qvortrup (School of Education)

Other members

David Simonsen (Denmark)


EUNIS 2008 is designed by the E-learning Unit, Aarhus University